Capleton - True Love

Sunday, May 16, 2010

By request, because some pussy can't find tune for himself. Here.

Junior Reid - Bad Man / Junior Demus - Bad Boy Busniess

Saturday, February 27, 2010

On the Tempo riddim.  Sorry, no version.  But you wouldn't know what to do with it.  TWO downloads, try to keep up.

Here and here.

Lone Ranger - If Life Was a Thing

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lone Ranger, Hot Milk, 90's style.  This is where you get it dummy.

Cobra - Whoa

Whoa-yo pussy life gone down the drain.  Big tune.  Here, numb skull.

Pinchers - Murder

I even fill requests from other sites.  This tune is not as small as this picture.  Sleng Teng killer.

Easy.  Here.

Retarded Version

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As you have guessed by now, I hate you.  But I also feel sorry for you.  Here is a post of versions - all clean.  Enjoy, you dumb ass.

Kuff Version - Witty
Oversize Mampie Version  - Steely and Cleavie
Diseases Riddim - Volcano
Hot This Year - Tan Yah
Come Me Just A Come Version - Steely and Cleavie
Chase Vampire - Ikus
Substitute Lover Version - Digital B
Can't Do The Work Version - Steely and Cleavie
Black Widow Version - Crimes
Revolution Version - Taxi
Stalag - Jammys
Darker Shade of Black - Firehouse
Sleng Teng - Main Street
Darker Shade of Black - Redman
Like is What You Make It Version - Techniques
Heavenless Version - Jammys
Boxing Version - Joe Gibbs
Cabin Stabbin Version - Jammys
Bandelero Version - Jammys
Solomon Version - Jammys
Far East Version - Jammys
Duck Version - Jammys
Boombastic Version - Jammys
Kuff Version - Jammys
Head to Toe Version - Jammys
Cuss Cuss Version - Shocking Vibes
Sea of Love Version  - Ffrench
Kette Drum Version - Digital B
Big Belly Man - Jammys
Baba Boom Version - Gyasi

Okay then.  Download here, you dumb-tard.

Early B - DJ Government

Im' trying to decide if this one is that hard to find.  But knowing you, it is.  Chune!  Kuff riddim.  Orininal press.  Run it.

Ricky General - Vampire

Saturday, January 9, 2010

You need this one to round out your Hot Milk mix.  You MIGHT have had this before, but just in case.  Here, you idiot.

Trinity - Commercial Business

Ok, for those who say there is nothing exclusive here.  Chune chune chune.  Pay for it on Ebay, or download here (listen, download it here, don't buy it you big dum-dum).

Mega Banton - Informer Fe Dead

On the Baba Boom riddim, same as the previous Buju post.  Check it, moron.

Major Worries - Nuh Run Down Money

The late great Major Worries, on a fast version of the Nobody Move riddim.  Black Scorpio production.  Download it, if you can figure out how.

Pan Head - Original Gun In A Hand

This one is on the Lotion Man Riddim.  Again, you don't have it, that's why you are clicking here, Ricky Retardo.

Lecturer - Punnany Too Sweet

This is a nice hard-to-find one.  You just found it.  Did you notice?


Brigadier Jerry - Pain

Friday, January 1, 2010

For some reason this one is hard to find for download, especially for you. Please do not call this the "Answer" riddim because it is not. It is like it, but it is different.

Papa San - Talking Parrot

This is Papa San's first one. Yes, I stole the picture from Deadly Dragon's website. Shut up. I did, however buy the record from there, so it is all good. Unlike you, I don't have time to take pictures all day.

Anyway, you can download it, but I will keep the version for myself, slow poke.

Junior Demus - Double Breast

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here is one from Witty. Junior Demus on the Mr. Bassie riddim. This record was pressed in 2000, but I believe it is an older tune, and I know you don't have it.

Now you do, you big dumb dumb.

Click here and download it.

Little John - Tea Tar Toe

Little John on the Love I Can Feel riddim. A Volcano production.

Get it here. Just kidding. Here. No here.


Pan Head - Pussy Printer

Ah yes, the pussy printer. No, it's not a type of Epson printer. This version is nice and slow from the late great Pan Head. Sounds like a special, so it will make you sound cool. Don't know where I got it, but you know you got it from me.

Download it, slow poke.

Dignitary Stylish - Jah Send Mi Come

Here is another one you don't have. Now you will, if you can figure out how to download a file.

Nice digital version of Darker Shade of Black from 1986. Includes the elusive version by Noel Davy. The version was pressed a bit low, so it's noisy. Encoded at 320bps, so try to clean it up if you can.

Click here, you freeloading idiot.

Ranking Joe - Stop You Coming and Come

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I think I ordered this one online from somewhere in Europe. Why is it that Europe has the most Jamaican records in the world? Anyway, this is a Deejay track on the Soon Forward riddim. You don't have it. If you do, it is because you just got finished downloading it here.

Get a clue, click here.

Sam Cook - Love Me

This one is a remix of a Sam Cook tune. It is big, and you need to have it. On the Party Time Riddm. Stop reading and get to downloading, you simple man.

Yeah, this is where you click blockhead.

Buju Banton - Sound Fe Dead

This one is kind of hard to find. There was a Real Rock remix on 7-inch around for a while, but it was terrible (It was the Real Rock riddim over this exact record, NOT the acapella). So, this is the 12-inch on the Baba Boom riddim, digi style. Enjoy.

Download it, dummy.